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New OC on board

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New OC on board

Post  12SnowsOverHakuren on Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:45 am

I recently created a new OC. Here is her profile!

Name: Amira

Gender: Female

Looks: A cat with a brown body, a bunch of dark brown hair down the right side of her head, pale brown muzzle, violet eyes (does that sound familiar?), often seen wearing a lilac scarf or her favourite double lilac bangles, a purple flower hairclip and her ruby necklace.

Personality: Tough, determined, seldom speaks, shady (which explains the previous quality)

Likes: Helping wherever possible, hanging out with Felix or guys(???)

Dislikes: Not being able to help someone else, being opposed, being beaten by a baddie

Strengths: Reading emotions, silent tread (that's very helpful actually), good fighting skills, knowledgeable, good logic, able to accept simplicity, able to swim (she had tiger ancestors, tigers are good swimmers despite being felines!)

Weaknesses: Doesn't like to remember or speak about her past or what happened to her family

Other info: Amira is Felix's friend. She grew up in the wilderness of Southeast Asia and met Felix on a visit to Singapore. (Coincidentally, Felix was checking out the place for something else.) They became friends there. Because Amira grew up in the wilderness of Southeast Asia, she has knowledge of the different plants in the wild that are useful. It also made her tough out there. Her ancestors were tigers (go figure), so some of that ferocity is still present in her and she can swim. The necklace was a gift from Felix (more about that next time).
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