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Capella the Fairy

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Capella the Fairy

Post  Fairy_Mochi on Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:55 pm

This is my fairy OC for the PoM/LoZ RP that I made. Since Capella will be playing the part of the guide in the RP, I thought I should give the little guy a bio of sorts.

Name: Capella

Hylian name: Belliard

Gender: Male

Species: Fairy

Color: Dark purple

Abilities: Healing, can replay any music that he has heard (making him like a sort of living mini MP3 player)

Personality: Is intelligent like all fairies, being very knowledgeable about the land of Hyrule. Devoted to his job as emissary of the Fairy Queen. Surprisingly naive; at least when it comes to things he doesn't know about. Doesn't like to admit that there's something he doesn't know about Hyrule. Loyal to those he serves. Low tolerance for stupidity. Can be a bit short tempered. Doesn't like it when things go off track.

History: He serves the Fairy Queen, and was in fact created by her with the special power of music repeatition. When the Queen sensed that the path of Fate had been altered, and noticed that the destined hero was missing, she sent Capella to search for the reason behind this turn of events and, if possible, find the hero.

But on his journey to the Kokiri Forest, a darkness enveloped him that sent him to the world of the penguins. There he was found by Private who was on recon in Central Park and mistook the fairy for a large firefly. Now Capella has to seek aid from the four commandos, and the annoying lemurs, in the hopes of getting back to his own world and completing his mission.

Austria: What? You're going to unify now? fine! Unify your faces off!

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Secretary Marlene

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Re: Capella the Fairy

Post  McGeets on Wed Jan 23, 2013 7:32 am

He sounds awesome! Is it bad that I kinda want one to just follow me around everywhere and play music? That would be epic...
Sergeant Rico
Sergeant Rico

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Re: Capella the Fairy

Post  2nd Lt. NYC on Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:18 pm

I second that. XD Capella sounds like a great guy to have around... Well, looking forward to seeing him around. Very Happy

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Re: Capella the Fairy

Post  MoonwalkingPanda on Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:54 am

I third that. XD I'd be playing too much MJ music around him. Lol. Can't wait to catch him around!

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Lieutenant Kowalski
Lieutenant Kowalski

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Re: Capella the Fairy

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