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Fanguin awareness and takeover

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Fanguin awareness and takeover

Post  mostar1219 on Thu Feb 28, 2013 4:37 pm

Hey guys. I've been doing a lot of thinking for quite some time now and I was thinking that maybe we should do our best in multiple ways to show the world that, although the show we all support might meet its end, we are still out there, we are still strong, we are still powerful and close, and we are still in massive numbers. I was thinking that maybe we can try something ("Penguinfest" is like an example) that spreads our fanguinism around and shows the world that we can't be stopped. If you want to think about it as a sign for a fanguin takeover on the world, be my guest. I would love to hear suggestions for what you might do irl and online to embrace how great of fanguins we all are. Very Happy

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Re: Fanguin awareness and takeover

Post  McGeets on Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:02 pm

Well I think Penguinfest will be great, hopefully there will be a HUGE turnout (determined to get there...somehow...) The only thing I've done to spread PoM awareness is actually telling people at school that I love it. Found out there's only one girl in my class who likes it, too Sad I was hoping for loads. A fair amount of people in my class are indifferent and watch it occasionally, which is better than nothing.

Currently I am refusing to spend money on anything I could POSSIBLY do without so I can buy PoM products online, and I'm going to go and see the PoM movie in 2015 as many times as I can and drag along anyone who I can persuade and/or bribe to come with me because even if it only increases the popularity by a teeny bit, the more buys of these things the better. Who knows? If the movie is propular enough they could bring back the series. (That's a big 'if' though)

Not entirley sure this counts but I also followed ANYTHING remotley PoM related on Twitter, and I'm going to try and get people to hashtag PoM. My sisters probably will. I can't see it trending, even just for my town, but I'm going to try and boost it a little bit. Hopefully my followers will re-tweet it or hashtag it themselves if they like my PoM related posts. Or even just look into it if they haven't watched it before.

I can't really think of anything else I could do other than just keep telling people how amazingly awesome it is xD and watch it a lot, of course, but what kind of fanguin would I be if I didn't? :L
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