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A Lemur Recruit, New Animal (OC Fanfic)

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A Lemur Recruit, New Animal (OC Fanfic)

Post  hansluver on Tue Apr 15, 2014 2:36 am

I looked around the habitat. Searching for an exit. There were humans everywhere. I ducked behind the bouncy house and huddled in the corner. My heart raced and I was shivering with fear. These other lemurs were occupying this region too, so why did the humans dump me here?

Suddenly, I was grabbed by the tall, ring tailed lemur and tossed onto the bouncy house. I jumped off of it and landed on the giant platform. I ducked under the throne and curled up into a ball, choking on my sobs. A shorter, rounder lemur stopped that taller one from coming towards me. An even smaller, golden lemur smiled at me, I avoided his gaze.

"Your majesty, I think we should leave her alone." The grey lemur advised the royal. "Why, Maurice?" The oblivious lemur asked. "Because she's scared. Let's just dance to distract the humans, so that we could give her some space." The lemur named Maurice explained to the less intelligent one. "Yes! Let us give her space from the royal feet!" The golden lemur ran towards the tall lemur's feet, but he kicked the smaller one away.

I turned around and brought my bushy tail against my chest to hug. I tried to soothe my sadness with memories of my home. I thought about my mama and papa. My innocent little sister Ade. I thought of the tall trees with the vines we used to swing from. I thought of the golden lands we used to play in.

his isn't the first time the humans took me. I was only a baby and I was injured. The humans took me to California and I grew up there for a few years. I was returned home to my family, but thanks to California, I had an American accent. Because of this, I was an outcast. The other child lemurs thought I was different. I only found comfort from my baby sister Ade. She was so tiny and innocent.

Then the humans took me again. It was my birthday and I had just turned into an adult lemur. As I was being dragged away, I could see my family in the bushes. My mother sobbing, my father's friends holding him back from coming after me, and my little sister smiling and laughing. She had no idea. I was tossed into a large crate and thrown around inside a plane, then a truck. They dumped me here and I felt so scared and alone. It didn't help when the tall lemur tried to grab me.

Now, I am trying to ignore the cries and cheers of the humans. The lemurs were dancing and putting on a show for them. I made sure no one was looking, before jumping off the giant platform. I walked along the sides of the habitat and climbed the wall. I jumped out between the lemur habitat and another animal home. I looked up and read the sign.


Suddenly, a little girl spotted me. I panicked and slipped between the bars of the penguin habitat and landed in the water. I struggled to stay afloat, but I couldn't swim. The humans gasped and the penguins stopped waving. Suddenly, a flipper reached in and pulled me up. As I was being pulled up, another penguin spoke. The smallest penguin set me down on the ice cold stone that stood on, and walked back to the others.

"Ringtail! What are you doing?!" A flat headed penguin shouted at me. The smallest penguin set me down on the ice cold stone that stood on, and walked back to the others. I instantly curled up in fear, hugging my tail. I stayed low and crouched down. The tallest penguin walked up to me and leaned in to observe me. "Skipper, this is not Julien. This must be the new animal that came in today." The tall penguin explained to the one called Skipper.

"Oh dear, she looks frightened." The smallest penguin observed, talking with a British accent. "Who cares? Just get her out of here before Alice comes!" Skipper ordered the others. A slightly taller penguin with a feather mohawk walked over to me. He reached towards me and I drew back in fear. He reached for me again, and I hid behind my tail. He looked towards his comrades for help.

"Get out of here!" Skipper shouted at the top of his lungs. He ran towards me and I reacted quickly. I placed my hand on the ground and spun around. My feet were straight out and I kicked him in the face. I landed back on the ground, crouching with my tail in the air.

"Rrr!" Skipper growled. He motioned for the others to come after me. I was outnumbered. Fear took over me and I broke down into sobs. I turned away and let the tears fall down.

"Please don't hurt me! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do that! I didn't mean to invade your habitat! I just wanna see my family!" I was bawling on the floor. I ran my fingers through the fluff of fur on my head and hugged my tail. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up and the smallest penguin smiled at me lovingly.

"We're sorry. We didn't know. We just saw you attack Skipper and we did what we were supposed to do." The penguin apologized. "W-What's your...n-name?" I sniffled. "Private." The penguins replied. "My name is Nanita. I was given that name by a little spanish girl who was touring the African jungle. She saw me and gave me a name." I explained my name's origins to Private.

Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed me. I let out a shriek and struggled to get loose. I kicked the female human in the face and jumped back down. I ran towards Private and cowered behind him. "That's just Alice. She's a nasty woman, but she'll take you back to your habitat." Private explained. He took my paw into his flipper and guided me towards the woman named Alice.

I let her pick me up and she walked across a long, wooden plank. I waved goodbye to Private and he waved back, causing the crowd to melt at the sight. The woman threw me back into the lemur habitat and a large bell chimed. The humans looked disappointed, before walking away to leave the zoo. I scampered to the farthest corner of the habitat and sat down. I turned away and stared at the wall.

A little while later, most of the zoo's animals were at my habitat. They were talking about me in low, hushed voices. "Where did she come from?" "Did you hear about this morning?" "I heard she kicked Skipper in the face." "She's sad." "Maybe she wants to go home." "Look, she's moving."

I got up and walked over to the smoothie bar King Julien told me about while I was moping. He introduced himself and Mort, before talking about his kingdom. I sat down on a stool and stared at the shelves before me. I saw many fruit placed in each shelf. A blender was on the counter next to me. I felt like drinking something.

I jumped on the counter and took the top off. I put some fruit in and some ice cubes I found under the counter in a small air tight container. I put the lid back on and started the blender. I looked up and saw the shocked looks from the animals. "King Julien isn't gonna like this." An elephant observed. "She's using it without permission." A chimpanzee whispered to another. I turned away and stopped the blender. I poured some into a cup and drank it. I saw that there was more than just for me. I poured it all into three cups.

"What is going on here?" Julien's voice asked from behind me. I turned around and handed him a cup. Maurice and Mort were behind him and I gave them a cup too. "This is good!" Maurice exclaimed. "Yes, her smoothie making skills are very nice." Julien agreed. "I like smoothies." Mort licked the last drop off the cup.

"Thanks...J-Julien." I muttered. "Come! Let us dance for her! She is new! We need a welcoming party!" Julien announced. The animals cheered and a small smile formed on my face. I looked at all the animals, and one particular animal caught my eye. It was the penguin named Skipper. He glared at me with hate. My smile disappeared and I lowered my head in shame. Tears pricked my eyes, and I failed to keep them back.

"Nanita, are you okay?" A familiar British voice asked me. I turned around and Private was standing next to me. I smiled at him and he wiped my tears. "It's okay. We know you miss your home, but you have a new home too! It's like one big happy family here!" Private exclaimed. I smiled again and nuzzled him affectionately. Everyone gasped and Private blushed.

"Silly animals! That is how we show kindness to one another! She is just thanking him!" King Julien explained. Hearing this, I drew back and blushed heavily. "Private! Report to HQ!"Skipper ordered. "Coming Skipper!" Private replied before patting my paw. He jumped onto the wall and made his way to the penguin habitat. Skipper gave me one last glare, to ensure his hatred towards me. I turned away in sadness, but it was erased when Julien started to music.

Author's Note: I will still use this OC for RPing. But the RP will be completely different. 
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