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New character: Lucy

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New character: Lucy

Post  Fairy_Mochi on Sun Sep 09, 2012 4:27 pm

I would post a picture of her or even a link to a pic of her but I CAN'T. There's still a glitch. Sorry. I can't even link you to the wiki page of her species either, I don't think. :/ Well. Anyway.....

(EDIT: No more image glitch! Huzzah! Here's what Lucy looks like:

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Also, I've developed her character a bit more, so I'm changing her info.)

Name: Lucy

Species: Little Penguin(also called Blue Penguin or, by the Australians, Fairy Penguin)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Almost typical fairy penguin appearance(slate-blue feathers, grey beak, pink feet, grey eyes, white under parts)except for the small stray blue feather on her white cheek. It makes it look like she has a "beauty mark".

Likes: Cooking, cleaning, unicorns, dancing, knitting

Dislikes: Messes, arguments, insects, arachnids

Skills: Can cook, clean, knit, and knows Tai Chi(learned for the purposes of exercise), Karate(though she doesn't remember learning it), Siren Charm(similar to Private's Hyper-Cute, only she has to sing to activate it)

Strengths: Is loyal, has good aim, and will fight if given no other choice

Weaknesses: Panics and runs in the presence of insects and arachnids

Info: One of the 12 survivors of the poisoning incident at Sea World Australia in 2007. In the incident she lost all her friends and family and had a hard time making new friends. Eventually she ended up being transferred, but there was a mix-up. Instead of going where she was supposed to, she ended up being shipped to the Central Park Zoo. She gets along well with Private. Lucy tries her best to fit in, but can't seem to manage it. On the first day Lucy told Skipper about the poisoning incident(he forced her to tell him). No one really knows how the fairy penguins were poisoned, and Lucy told Skipper this. Naturally he thinks it has something to do with Blowhole(It doesn't; the actual culprit is a stoat with Waardenberg syndrome making him immune to the Siren Charm). Now Skipper is suspicious about her. He doesn't know whether to view her as weak, which is how she appears, or as something else. So he keeps a close eye on her. Lucy isn't really weak; just timid and not prone to violence. What Skipper doesn't know, and what Lucy doesn't remember, is that Lucy is a trained fighter. The poison that killed the 25 fairy penguins had an odd effect on her. It wiped out parts of her memory. Her body remembers how to fight even though her mind doesn't(Like how you never forget how to ride a bicycle; your body remembers). So if she were put in a situation were she had to fight, she'd be capable of doing so. As long as there are no bugs or spiders around. She also has one other ability; the Siren Charm. When she sings she can lure others to her making for an excellent distraction. The only drawback is that it works on ANY guy who hears it and they might come to think of her as a love interest. And she does NOT want to be ANYBODY'S love interest. Luckily, the effect is temporary and Lucy is capable of beating unwanted suitors off with whatever weapon is handy at the time.

Last edited by Fairy_Penguin on Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:30 pm; edited 7 times in total (Reason for editing : More info. created; yet again)

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Post  mostar1219 on Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:06 pm

lucy sounds really coolio. heheheh

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