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Krystal's sisters...

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Krystal's sisters...

Post  MoonwalkingPanda on Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:53 am

Yes, she does have sisters, and here they are!

Name: Piper

Age: Same as Krystal's, she's her twin.

Looks: Like Krystal, but has more brown in her eyes, and usually wears a military jacket with studs on it. Her feather-hair is also sticking up a bit, kinda like Tord's

Personality: Exactly like Krystal's, but more militaristic, sarcastic and kinda gullible. She doesn't enjoy Doctor Who either.

Likes: Hanging out with Rico (as a friend) or her cousin,  ruining Julien's dance parties and getting revenge on Julien (pranking him.)

Dislikes: Julien, when her cousin is in trouble, and Julien's obnoxious dance parties. much, and needles.

Strengths: Pretty much being kickass, and making battle plans too.

Weaknesses: Physically, seeing needles. Mentally, we don't know. That's still to come.

Other Info: Nothing much, but just being born and raised with her sisters Krys and Manuka. Also being a distant cousin to Skipper alongside her siblings.

Name: Manuka. She also doesn't mind being called Nuka either.

Age: If she was human, she's be 13 years old.

Looks: Like her older twin sisters, but has fulllate father's brown eyes, and a leather cord with a fern engraved in a jadestone on it.

Personality: Like her older sisters, but she's a bit more feminine and has a crush on Private. A bit dramatic, and kinda more gullible than her older sister.

Likes: Being on missions with her cousin's crew, hanging out with Private, watching  a few movies, some of Julien's dance parties, and pranking Julien with her sisters.

Dislikes: Julien, when her cousin is in trouble, every enemy that she has heard from her cousin (even though she hasn't met many), and needles.

Strengths: She is a pretty good fighter when someone pisses her off, and can act very well, her being the most dramatic of the siblings, and she can whip up a pretty swell chocolate cake.

Weaknesses: Physically, seeing needles. Mentally, being put under a lot of pressure.

Other Info: Just being born and raised in New Zealand with her older sisters Krys and Piper. And that she's Skipper's distant cousin along with her sibs, as she calls them.

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