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Blended Actions (fanfiction based on daydream from hearing "If I Die Young")

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Blended Actions (fanfiction based on daydream from hearing "If I Die Young")

Post  mostar1219 on Tue Nov 06, 2012 6:27 pm

(Please note that this is just a one story thing, so it doesn't affect anything else)

Wandering. That's what I was doing. I couldn't tell where I was, but I knew I was somewhere still in New York. I felt shaken up about what happened before. Part of me just wants to forget that it happened, but I wasn't sure if I could. Now I know how Skipper felt after whatever happened in Denmark.

I saw a flier on a telephone pole. I got closer to it and adjusted my glasses so I can get a better view of it. I was pretty shocked, not only because the picture on the flier was me in my cat form, but I was shocked about what I read.

Missing Cat

Fur color: Pink

Wears glasses

Height: 3.5 inches tall

Name: Monique

If you've seen this cat, bring her to the gates of the Central Park Zoo, preferably after hours.

According to the flier, it says I've been missing for 12 days. 12 days? I told the team I'd be back from my mission in 5 days. If Blowhole was still alive, he was going to have to pay for causing me to be out for too long.

My mission! I was out on a solo mission to take down Blowhole with some skills that he hasn't seen let alone been familiar with. The gang wished me good luck. I found Blowhole at Liberty Island and found out he was planning take down the penguins when they had their guard down back at the zoo. It took a long time, but Blowhole and I ended up battling verbally and physically. There were some bruises and blood here and there, but it was a walk in the park comparing to what I finally did to Blowhole next. While I was still a cat, I plugged his air hole with my tail and choked off his air supply by strangling him. I ended up pushing him to the bottom of the ocean, but, unfortunately, he dragged me under as well. Blowhole met his maker, though, and I shockingly made it back to the surface in another part of New York and turned back into a human in the process, and in a white gown for some reason. Like I said, I couldn't tell where I was in New York, so I just wandered a bit trying to find some help to get back and lost track of the days.

I shook my head trying to focus on getting back to the team.

I saw a truck full of fish and, from my eavesdropping, could tell that it was a delivery to the Central Park Zoo. Perfect. I snuck into the back of the truck and waited till the truck made it to the Central Park Zoo. When I finally made it there, the back of the truck opened up and, lucky for me, I wasn't noticed.

I walked through the gates and noticed it was almost closing time. Alice didn't notice me, which was a relief. I didn't feel like coming all this way just to be pushed out of the zoo. I saw Private concluding his "cute and cuddly" routine. When other people started to leave, I tried to get his attention.

"Private!" I called.

It sounded like he didn't hear me, so I called louder.

"Private, it's me!" I shouted.

That made him notice me this time. He seemed to look at me in disbelief, but I figured it was because I was gone for a long time.

"Monique? You're back!" Private said.

I smiled at the small one and he smiled back. I shrunk down to my cat size and followed him into the HQ.

When we got in, Private was so excited that he was jumpy. Skipper and Rico obviously noticed that, but it looked like they didn't notice me.

"Guys, guess what?" Private said to the two.

At the time, I was wondering where Kowalski was.

"We've seen the cloud you showed us yesterday, Private, it does not look like a unicorn raking leaves," Skipper said, trying to focus on his poker game against the psycho.

"Actually, it's about Monique," Private said.

As if those were the magic words, Kowalski came out of his lab with an abacus in his flippers, as usual.

"Any luck, Kowalski?" Skipper asked.

"Negatory, Skipper. I've checked every inch, every corner, every state using the GPS system and I still can't find her!" Kowalski told his commander.

He seemed to have red eyes, but I didn't know if it was because of a lack of sleep or if he's cried a lot. Maybe it was both.

"Maybe you should just give it a rest. There's a good chance you might've cracked and she can't be found," Skipper suggested.

I walked over to the two bicker brothers and was hearing their conversation closer.

"Skipper, I know you want me to follow your example to be a good leader, but just because you've given up on Manfredi and Johnson long ago doesn't mean I'm giving up on Monique," Kowalski explained through anger and sorrow.

"Save those tears for when you'll really need them, Kowalski," Skipper remarked in a rude way.

I felt tears coming down my cheeks. I was here and they think I'm still missing? I didn't know how he doesn't notice, but I want him to know I'm still here. I came to him and grabbed him by the shoulders.

"Kowalski, listen to me. I'm here now. It's me, Monique!" I told him as I slightly shook him.

Kowalski didn't respond to what I said, but he seemed to have responded to me grabbing his shoulders.

"Did something just grab my shoulders?" he asked to himself.

Private was planning to speak up.

"That's what I was trying to say, Kowalski. Monique is here and she was trying to get your attention," the young one answered.

Kowalski didn't know whether or not he should believe it.

"Wait, Private saw her and I felt her grab my shoulders? That doesn't mean she's...?" he started, but startled.

He didn't say the last word, but I knew what he meant. No, I wasn't dead. I can't be. Can I?

Just then, there was a beeping sound coming from the monitor. I'm guessing the team connected the security cameras in the front gates with the tv in the HQ. The image on the screen looked like a man placing a box in front of the gates and backing away slowly. The man looked a little like Kid Kazoo, but that didn't seem to catch their eye.

"You think that could be it?" Kowalski asked the others.

"Well, there's only one way to find out. Let's move out, men!" Skipper said.

Skipper still didn't notice me, but I followed the team to the front zoo gates.

When we got to the gates, and the box, they braced themselves and I didn't know what to expect. Maybe it might have something to do with the fight. Maybe it could explain why Private was the only one who noticed me.

Rico seemed upset when Skipper signalled him that there was no need for a crowbar, and Private was trying to open the box as softly as possible, but still between fast and slow. When the box was open, no one could believe their eyes. The most shocked were me and Kowalski, but I couldn't tell which of us were more shocked. When the box was open, all I could see was, well, me, still in cat form,and I still had my bruises from the battle. Kowalski got closer to the box as quickly as possible and tried to shake "me" to maybe wake me up. Under the body, though, was a note. Private carefully pulled it out to keep it from getting ripped and he read the note.

"What does it say? Is she alright?" Kowalski asked, flipper holding the top left paw.

I wanted to know what was going on as well, so I listened carefully as Private was reading the letter out loud.

"Mysterious cat owner, please note I didn't cause any harm. I found the strange cat washed up on Garden City beach, bruised up and all, and she wasn't moving, so I figured she was asleep. I brought her home for the night, but I noticed she didn't move for at most 24 hours. I checked the pulse and it wasn't until then that I realized she was dead. I didn't know what to do about the bruises, but I saw a flier explaining about a missing cat that looked like the one I found. I figured it would be the right thing to do to bring her over as instructed and see what would happen then. I'm so sorry for your loss."

So, I guess it was true, I must've drowned while drowning Blowhole and I really was dead. The team couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe it. There was even some pieces of information I've kept to myself for so long, and I guess it's too late to tell Kowalski or the team.

"Now, do I need my tears, Skipper?" Kowalski asked silently.

Skipper just nodded and, as there was a moment of silence, Kowalski quietly sobbed while squeezing my paw still. Seeing Kowalski sad just made me want to cry.

As Skipper came close to his lieutenant, who was still sobbing, he started to feel really bad for him, and started patting his back gently.

"I'm sorry, soldier," Skipper said softly.

Kowalski seemed to try to stop crying, but had his head down still.

"No, Skipper, this is my fault. If I hadn't suggested that she went alone on the mission, she'd still be breathing and in motion to this day," he responded.

He shouldn't blame himself for something I caused on myself. Besides, he wasn't there when it happened, so he didn't have any control on what happened during the fight.

"It wasn't Kowalski's fault. My death is my own responsibility. If I wasn't so oblivious to let my guard down, Blowhole's last act would've been to suffer instead of dragging me in the water with him," I said to myself, not really expecting anybody to hear me.

Strange enough, Kowalski's head came up slowly and in shock. It's almost like something bugged him or freaked him out in some kind of way.

"Did anyone else hear that?" Kowalski asked the others.

Private wasn't sure if they heard the same thing, so he decided to double check, but I still felt like it was just some kind of coincidence that Kowalski heard something, possibly after I spoke.

"You mean like someone speaking? Because, I heard it, too," Private said.

"Yes, Private, I heard someone speaking. It almost sounded like, sounded like..." Kowalski explained.

Private tried to motion me to not be shy, but I still wasn't too sure if I should get my hopes up. I mean, if everyone else didn't notice me before, how could they notice me now? As I was looking the other way, I noticed Private's shadow moving. I tried to get him to stop moving, but I ended up recieving a stare and it wasn't just from Private, but some more came from Skipper and Rico, and one of shock and disbelief came from Kowalski. I stared back, unsure of what I should do. Should I continue thinking of it as a coincidence? Should I just run and hide or something?

He just walked up to me and I couldn't help but walk closer to him. As we came to each other, we gazed for a while in surprise. I didn't know if he really noticed me, until he grabbed my hands and held them tight.

"Monique? Is this really you?" he asked me.

I didn't know how to respond. I was trying to figure out myself. Was I me or was the dead cat in the box me? All I can think of was a response that was probably clear for both of us.

"Yes, Kowalski, but I'm just an impossibility to the scientific world: a spirit," I told him, but without wanting to hurt him.

He just looked at me and squeezed my hands harder, I guess because he was shocked that I was able to respond physically and verbally to the world of the living, but still different from it altogether.

"I know. How did this happen?" he asked with concern.

"Well, like i said, Blowhole dragged me underwater with him. But, don't worry, he's met his maker as we speak," I told him gleefully, but I didn't feel like it was enough to tell him.

I told him the good news, what else is it that I need to tell him? Then I remember something. Of course, my arrival. I never told him a lot about how I got here. All he and the team knew was that I wasn't from New York originally. I felt scared about the idea of him knowing, and I'm scared now, but I don't know how much longer I have here and they deserve to know the truth.

"Well, although it was more extreme than we thought it was going to be, it's great that Blowhole has finally met his end," Skipper blurted.

We both turned our heads toward Skipper, who simply didn't hold back on what he said.

"Also, there's something else that I never actually told you," I warned Kowalski.

Kowalski seemed shocked. Other than what I wanted to tell him and what he says is classified, he and I have been open with each other and told each other mostly everything we could.

"Well, what is it?" he simply asked.

I wasn't sure how to start, so i basically broke it down bit by bit.

"You know when I said I wasn't from here?" I asked him, hoping to ring a bell.

He nodded to me, which I guess was good. I figured that Skipper might order Rico to out a stick of dynamite just in case something bad comes along, which made me super nervous now.

"Well, when I said I wasn't from here, I mean I'm not from here as in this universe. I mean, I am human, but, to everyone else around here, I'm basically a human resemblence alien," I said as I turned away.

I couldn't believe I said that. I think I heard three other gasps coming from different directions, but I didn't care. There was a good chance Kowalski's thoughts of me will change due to what I told him. I figured he'd call me a monster, but he just gently spoke up.

"Why didn't you say anything earlier?" he asked me.

"Remember what you said a lifetime devoted to sci fi movies taught you?" Private finally asked.

Kowalski finally remembered saying that aliens are evil and came into realization. It's really upsetting how space squids and stereotypical aliens set bad examples for the rest of us. If not for them, I wouldn't have to keep the explanation of my true self a secret. Now I really expected him to reject me or to call me a monster, who could blame him? Now, it was my turn to silently sob, but i didn't care if anyone else noticed. What was shocking was that I felt a flipper touch my shoulder.

"You know I never would've said all I've said if I knew you were an alien, right?" I heard Kowalski ask.

I wanted to turn my head so I could see him, but I still felt blinded from my eyes meeting a similar fate to mine and Blowhole's. Now, I felt Kowalski turn me to face him. Well, I'm dead already, so there's no use in him wanting to kill me. I tried to look away, but just moved my head so I could look at him. He doesn't view me in a positive way, does he?

"I know we're different, but if I was able to fall in love with you even though you're a human, or human resemblence, there's no doubt congruent feelings can occur now that I know you're an alien," he told me, wiping a tear off of my cheek.

I didn't expect him to say that. I really want to believe it, but I'm not sure if I should or if it's just a trick to give rejection a paint job to make it look like acceptance. I had a question left in my head that I really need to know the answer to.

"Kowalski, do you still love me?" I asked shyly.

Another tear came out of my eye, and I felt a flipper wrapped around my shoulders. At this moment, I kinda wish my heart was still beating, because I felt the need to blush.

"Of course I do. I always have and always will love you forever," he responded.

I saw a smile grow on his face and I felt myself smile as well. I feel like I was now fully accepted by someone I loved. Just then, I saw his face come closer to mine, and I had mine come closer to his, embraced into a kiss that was nothing like other times we've kissed. Even when I was among the living, I've still never felt so alive. I think I heard Private say something about my gown glowing, which, i guess was a ghost's way of blushing.

When we pulled away from the kiss, I saw a white light coming from behind me. I turned over and stared at it for a while.

"What is it, soldier?" Skipper asked.

I didn't know how to respond, since it was clear that they didn't see it, but I'm just going to make it simple.

"Well, I see a light," I responded finally.

I heard someone gulp, but I wasn't sure who it was or if it was just me. I turned to face the others and knew that this means I have to leave soon.

"Private, embrace your youth while you still have the chance," I spoke.

Private just grinned and nodded as a response. Then I turned to Rico.

"Rico, be as insane as you can be and, one day, like me, you'll be so insane that you can disguise it with a coat of sanity," I explained the the psycho, who just cackled in a proud way.

I turned to the leader, Skipper.

"Skipper, although you might tend to get on other people's nerves, continue your strength as a leader for as long as you can," I told him.

Skipper looked at me quarter sternly and gave me a last command.

"Say 'hi' to Manfredi or Johnson for me," Skipper requested.

Just then, a thought came to me.

"So, what are you guys going to do with the body?" I asked. pointing at the box with my corpse.

Kowalski came up to me and pulled out his clipboard. He showed me a picture of a girl with glasses, in a box of what looked like flower petals and under a sheet. She looked to be in a deep sleep, the box on the water at what was either sunrise or sunset, and had a piece of paper in her hands. Then, he showed me another page in his clipboard, which had words on it. I knew those words; they were words to a love song that made me think about me and Kowalski. Just then, it hit me that the girl in the picture before was me.

"Actions inspire music, music can inspire actions as well," Kowalski explained, and i couldn't help but grin lightly.

"Where's this going to happen?" I asked.

"At the East River at dawn. Funny how one's interests can bring ideas to someone else," he explained.

I hugged him one last time and he returned one. I felt a tear on my neck, coming from him, apparently.

"I'll watch out for you and the others, okay?" I told him.

He nodded, and I wiped a tear from his eye.

"Until the time comes, farewell, Monique," Kowalski said as I hesitately let go of his flipper.

As I was walking toward the light, I turned back one more time to see the team/friends I once knew weakly smiling but strongly waving. I came closer into the light, wondering what I might come across. Maybe I'll be doing the one thing that brought me here in the first place: Wandering....[/size]

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