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The Rules for Thou Empty The Rules for Thou

Post  2nd Lt. NYC Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:28 am

Welcome to Penguins United, the place for all POM fanguins dedicated to keeping the Penguins of Madagascar alive! My name is Lt. Skip, and here are the current up to date rules. ^_^

The Rules

1.) Try to keep it clean here. This is a kid's show after all. No swearing or inappropriate content.

Inappropriate content should be kept in the Anything/Whatever+ area, or in spoilers with a warning above for the other areas. Either way, there's a line that shouldn't be crossed. Nothing too bad should be posted.
No sexual discussions. Keep it subtle.
2.) Do...not....spam. Spamming jams up all our email inboxes.
3.) Try not to make duplicate topics. We aren't parrots.
4.) Don't pick fights just for the fun of it. Be respectful to everyone and don't say things that could be seen as offensive.
5.) Try your best to stay on topic. Do not ask completely random things in the wrong thread.
6.) Don't make multiple accounts.

If you have a sibling that would like to join, be sure to inform us about this. If you're using the same internet connection, you'll have the same IP Address. This way we will know that it's not just you with a second account.
Don't ban evade. If you can still view the forum, that means your ban is only temporary. Just wait it out.
7.) Don't spam up the place with one word posts or smileys. It's hard to keep a discussion going if people are barely saying anything in their posts. I encourage you to ensure your posts are at least two lines long on the role-plays especially.
8.) Do not post multiple times in a row. It's ok if an hour has passed from your previous post, however it seems most people are doing it minutes after. If you forgot to say something, simply use the "edit" button. Or just add a little PS.
9.) Your sig should not exceed the size shown below... (640 X 259) And if you have animations (gif) in your sig please make sure you don't overdo it. Not everyone has the most up-to-date computer here.
10.) Do not post links to full episodes (unless they're from Nick's website, which unfortunately I can't watch from here). We can get in trouble with that sort of thing. Keep it in PMs.
11.) Do not overload your posts with smileys. Ten or less would be nice. Too many smileys are also capable of slowing down computers and it makes posts look cluttered.
12.) Try to not bump up dead threads (ones that are months or years old) unless you've got something good to add to the discussion. Otherwise you're wasting your time.
13.) Try your best to have proper spelling and grammar. I know we've got many people around the world here, who's first language wasn't English (e.g. mine was actually Chinese), but don't worry, I understand. This rule mainly applies to people who think it's cool "2 talk like dis" all the time. This isn't, people. Post intelligently, please, before we all start failing in English.
14.) More of a guideline, but it's recommended that you be at least 12 to join.

Chatbox rules:
-The chatbox doesn't quite go by the same rules of the forum. For example: swearing and mature discussions are allowed. Just don't go overboard or I'll be literally pushing you overboard.
-Don't be spammy or annoying inside of it (unless of course we're joking around and being random).
-I strongly recommend that you be at least 12 before going in the chatbox. Mods have the right to ban anyone they feel are too young and/or immature to be in there. Because some little kiddos like to say nothing but zsgslfgnk you know what I mean.

That's all for now! Have fun! ^_^
Regards, 2ndLt_Skipper12a
2nd Lt. NYC
2nd Lt. NYC
Commander Skipper
Commander Skipper

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