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Fandom fear

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Fandom fear Empty Fandom fear

Post  Fairy_Mochi Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:34 pm

I've noticed something within the past year or so. How certain fandoms are labeled as "toxic", and makes people not a part of the fandom hate it and hate the series; whatever it may be.

It makes me afraid to be part of a fandom. Because I might end getting labeled as "one of THOSE types of fans" and instantly be berated. Just because I like a certain video game or whatever. Even if my interest isn't as extreme as the type of fans that make people shun the fandom and label it as "toxic".

For instance, I like the game Undertale. I think the story is good, the gameplay mechanics are different, and the characters are likeable. But because I like it I can't really give my opinions on it. If I start to talk about it, someone who hates the fandom might notice and try and start a flame war or something. "You're one of THOSE types, aren't you? Fangirling over skeletons? Shipping a fish and a lizard? That's your thing, isn't it? You disgust me." Only they won't be saying that nicely. But you get the general idea.

It's the same with Five nights at Freddy's. Something gets popular, the fandom gets huge, it gets labeled as "toxic". Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't. All I know is, it makes me afraid to like something. It makes me afraid to enjoy things. And that doesn't seem fair. I know life isn't fair. But don't I at least have the right to enjoy life?
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