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Legend of Zelda games series

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Legend of Zelda games series

Post  Fairy_Mochi on Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:27 pm

I'm hoping that some of you have played a Legend of Zelda game besides me. ANY LoZ game? If you have, hooray! Someone else has played a timeless classic besides me! If you haven't, then you should. It's a good series combining puzzle solving and sword fighting in a fantasy setting.

Plus you don't HAVE to name Link "Link"; though that is his name and all. You can name him anything at all! I have a N64 and an original copy of LoZ Ocarina of Time(this is the version where the Gerudo symbol has not been changed, the Fire Temple still has the creepy chanting in the background, Ganondorf's blood is red, and the gold skulltula glitch is present). In one of my current save files for OoT I've renamed Link Kowalski. So Kowalski is now the Hero of Time.

I also still have my Gamecube(yay), and a copy of Wind Waker. Link is named Private.

I tried Twilight Princess; didn't like it. Though I did like the bomb arrows; those were fun. I don't have a Wii(though I wish that I did) so I haven't played Skyward Sword.

I do have a DS and I've played Phantom Hourglass(Link is still Link in that one). I liked that game. Linebeck is hilarious.

I hated Spirit Tracks. It was too annoying trying to synchronize the stylus and microphone to make those magic pan pipes work. Plus it was hard on my wrist(carpal tunnel) and lungs(don't have asthma, but my lungs still aren't that good).

Oh, and I hated Majora's Mask too. The same three days. Over and over again. Agh! And having to get ALL the masks just to get the most powerful mask in the game is a PAIN. Though once you get that mask and become Oni Link, the final battle is a joke. Seriously. I like my final battles to be epic, not "ha ha, you're so weak now that I'm in God mode, cya ya putz".

So. Uh...yeah. Feel free to giggle about Kowalski being the Hero of Time and Private being the Hero of Wind.

Anybody else who has played LoZ, feel free to give your opinions and tell if you still name Link "Link" or if you name him something else.

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