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Your Heart's the Map (fanfiction based on daydream from hearing "Your Heart Will Lead You Home")

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Your Heart's the Map (fanfiction based on daydream from hearing "Your Heart Will Lead You Home")

Post  mostar1219 on Fri Nov 09, 2012 8:22 pm

As she sat topside, still shrunken to the size of, basically Marlene, Monique couldn't help but get into another self debate. She's been with Kowalski for a while now and it was about two weeks ago that she found out he thought aliens were evil, even if they weren't Space Squids. After hearing about that, she stares in her reflection and feels like darkness stares back at her, like it's supposed to be in her nature. Now, she doesn't know if she should tell Kowalski that she's a human resemblence alien. She has several ideas of consequences for what she might tell him, but she also knows that if she doesn't tell him soon, someone else or something else will reveal it. But, there was also a thought that came to her mind.

Maybe it won't be so bad, she thought, maybe he'll still see me as i really am personality wise and not origin wise.

As that thought came along, Monique did what she felt she had to do: slap herself until she thought straight. She didn't know if darkness really was in her nature, but she knew naiive behavior was. If she took away the naiive view of the situation, she'd see that there was no bright side to it. She kept slapping herself so hard that she didn't notice she knocked her glasses off her face and didn't hear that someone came topside from the HQ. As she was about to slap herself again, she felt a flipper pull her arm back and bring it to her side. As she opened her eyes, she saw Kowalski was with her.

"Careful, Monique. One more slap that hard and you could knock yourself out within a nanosecond," Kowalski pointed out as they both sat down, his flipper still holding her hand.

Monique was looking down at her reflection in the water before turning away to keep from looking at darkness staring at her.

"Maybe it's an action meant to happen that'll take place in a nanosecond," she said quietly before sighing.

Kowalski just looked at her with confusion, curiosity, and concern. He wanted to know why she was feeling down.

"Why do you think it's right for you to be knocked out?" he gently asked her.

Monique figured that she couldn't lie to him now. Not only will she feel really guilty afterwards, but it won't help if she kept her problems to herself. So, she just took a deep breath and decided to say it.

"Well, Kowalski, you know I'm not from here, right?" she asked.

"Yes, you mentioned that as we were starting to get to know each other," he responded.

The thought of what she was going to say next made her turn pale, but Kowalski didn't notice, thank the maker.

"Well, when I said I'm not from here, I meant I'm not from here as in, this universe or planet," she explained as she flinched.

Kowalski was starting to get confused, since he knew that they both had different ways of saying and viewing things, so he wanted to double check to see if what she meant was what he thought she meant.

"Wait, so you mean you're an alien?" Kowalski asked to be sure.

"Technically, yes, but I am a human, but not the kind of human from this planet, so basically, I'm a human resemblence alien," she explained further.

Kowalski had a poker face to hide his shock, but that didn't stop him from turning away. He also didn't say anything, which really concerned Monique. She tried to touch his shoulder to see if he was alright, but he just grabbed her wrist real tightly and painful.

"Don't touch me," Kowalski silently shouted in an irritated way that sounded nothing like him.

He continued squeezing Monique's wrist tighter and tighter until it came to the point where her hand turned purple and it took her more than 45 seconds to pull from his grip.

"You could've made my hand weak enough to make it useless!" she said.

"Maybe you could grow another one or use a tentacle or something!" Kowalski sassed.

Monique couldn't believe what she was hearing. He really needed to take a break from focusing so much on space squids.

"Maybe a little help from your intergalactic conrads might help strengthen you so you won't have to worry about getting hurt on this planet!" he continued.

Monique was still frozen in shock at the stereotypes that Kowalski was slapping her with. And she thought it was bad enough when, back on her planet, she was told that people like her need to be put in mental homes.

"You wish. I barely made sense to anyone back at home. I felt like an outcast on my own planet! Why else would I travel here alone?" Monique responded finally.

Kowalski just turned around, crossed his flippers, and had a stern look on his face.

"I'm sure you came here because we seemed like the weakest place on this planet according to the galactic armada?" Kowalski said before punching Monique in the forearm.

As an act of reflex, Monique slapped Kowalski in the face, even though she didn't want to.

"I stopped here because I fell in love with you, Kowalski," she silently said as she got her glasses, leapt out of the habitat, grew to her normal size, and left.

Monique looked back to see Kowalski rubbing his face where she slapped him and continued on her way. As she was continuously walking, not really hoping to go anywhere, she came across her reflection in windows, so she looked away. Also, she was starting to feel a cold feeling coming from her chest and making her completely cold by the minute.

"I guess this is how it feels to be naturally cold hearted," she said to herself, nearly shivering.

Back at the HQ, Kowalski was starting to shiver a little as well, but using his combining of chemicals to hopefully ignore it. He heard someone coming in his lab, but since the person was quiet, he wasn't sure who it was.

"Kowalski, are you alright?" said the person who came in, which turned out to be Private.

Kowalski was glad that it was Private. With him as an exception, he didn't feel like talking to anyone, since the brainiac clearly seemed upset coming back in and vaguely mentioning the problem. Although glad Private came in, he didn't really say anything.

"Remember when you two started getting to know each other and you began to have feelings for her even though she was human?" Private asked the scientist.

"Although human, she's not even from this planet," Kowalski grumbled.

Private started to get concerned and noticed from the tone of voice that Kowalski was heartbroken but refused to admit it to himself.

"It's only an added piece of information. It doesn't completely change who she is as a person," Private responded.

"Private, I was taught by a lifetime devoted to sci fi movies that..." Kowalski started.

"That aliens are evil, I know, but not all aliens are. She wasn't an enemy before, she's not an enemy now. I know you want to look past it, so don't be scared to do so," Private said before getting out of the lab, leaving Kowalski with his face buried in the lab table.

Kowalski started to think about what the private was saying and started to notice his own shivers as well. He picked his head up and saw an old picture on his right. It was one Private actually took of Kowalski and Monique napping under a tree in a hot summer day. They looked real comfortable and happy. Kowalski turned the picture around and saw a sketch that Monique made so he could understand it without worrying about his inability to read. It was of the sun outside a dome that had fire in it, which they both knew meant "Warm feeling outside and inside". Kowalski clutched at the picture and felt colder than before, still unsure of why he felt this way. Without really thinking, he came toward the evacuation system he engineered with and launched himself in Midtown, in the dumpster yet again.

Monique was actually walking past the dumpster and continued walking until she was tired enough to stop on the side of a nearby building. She shrunk down to hide in the shadow of the building so hopefully no one would be able to notice her. Not to mention, she knows how to be as quiet as a mouse, so that might be able to help her out. As she was putting her hands in her pockets, she felt something in one of them; a picture of her and Kowalski napping under a tree. It was actually a copy of the one Kowalski had. She became to focused on the picture to notice Kowalski around the corner of another building. He came with the Psychotron and the Baloney Detector, both in which to see if her thoughts were the truth. He aimed the bi-invention at Monique and remained silent.

"Why did I even think he was going to be alright with this?" she thought to herself.

That didn't seem like good enough information to see if it was true or not.

"I didn't even want to hurt anyone and he accuses me of something the wrong species has done? I can't believe I've now lost everything!" she continued thinking before crumbling the picture, burying her face in her hands and crying silently.

At first, the fowl egghead started to get confused as to why she felt like she lost everything if she left home in the first place, but then it hit him. He was everything to her. After finally coming to that conclusion, Kowalski started to feel terrible. He didn't think that someone from another planet would be feeling upset over someone different from them.

He put the invention down and silently waddled over to Monique, neither of them noticing or caring that they were becoming warmer as he got closer. As he finally came up next to her, he tried to wipe a tear away from her still covered face. Monique felt a flipper on her face and lifted her head to see Kowalski.

"If you're checking for intergalactic tear samples, they're like normal tears here!" she said while still crying.

Now the scientist really felt guilty. He was hoping what he'll say as he goes will cheer her up and not hurt her more.

"Look, what I said before, I guess I was stuck with my thoughts from the past to see what was going on in the present," Kowalski began.

"Well, I'm still the abnormal human I've always been. You think that would change because of additional information?" Monique responded, trying her best to stop crying.

Kowalski slowly grabbed on to Monique's hand and she became shocked due to what he said before.

"I guess if I'm able to fall in love with an abnormal human, then I guess I can still be in love with a rebel of alien stereotypes," Kowalski calmly said, making Monique blush a little.

"You know, there are times where I'm even trying to find out more about my own race. And I think I once heard that temperature from the inside out can change due to distance of the one a person loves," she mentioned.

"So, it can fit better with the supposed warm feeling inside an individual?" the scientist asked, getting a nod in return.

Pretty soon, they both noticed that they were both feeling warmer than earlier.

"Looks like you're getting warmer. Are you still in love with me?" she finally asked.

As Kowalski continued to get a comfortable grip of her hand, he started to smile as well.

"I guess I still felt that way, even with what you told me," Kowalski answered.

At the moment they got close enough, they came to the point where they kissed with passion and care. Now, Monique didn't have to worry about her secret anymore because she feels like she doesn't have to be accused of evil anymore. Some might've thought she was away from home, but, as long as she was with Kowalski, she already was home.

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